A little bit about the author…



I am the youngest of eleven children.  Yes. Mom and pops spent their lives raising a small tribe of kids in a tiny, little house in La Puente, California. To this day, I still can’t fathom how my parents provided for so many little mouths, all begging for food and all at once. It’s hard to believe they survived the storm. The one thing that does come to mind, is the unyielding love they had for us and for each other. The commitment they made and the bond they shared with us was all we ever needed. My parents truly loved one another and would do anything for us. God bless them, really. My parents did it the best way they knew how and I am eternally grateful for all their sacrifices. 

As for me, I’ve had my own personal struggles. I mean, growing up with 12 other family members in one small house was beautiful chaos.  We fought, we sang, we danced, we sang, we cried and then cried some more. It wasn’t an easy life for us for sure. WE WERE THE BROKE BUNCH! Having food one day and not the next was how life really was. Although, the love was certainly there, my parents struggled to make ends meet and that meant going without the bare necessities often. Remembering those times, though, is what gave us grit and even more so, taught me to be creative. Its true.  It’s what’s cultivated the go getter in me and the crafty person I am today, but most of all, its made me aware of what’s truly important. I’ve realized, I don’t need much and that is a very liberating feeling. My health and sanity is all I need, sprinkled in with a sense of humor. …  It can take you very , very far.

As for my love of art, well, I guess I was bit by the art bug when I was a kid. You know, always drawing on something. My form of self expression, if you will, expressed on just about any and every thing. So here I am today making it all happen! I love art and all that goes into a piece. The initial thought process; the traditional hand to paper way of approaching a design, and ultimately, the true spirit of creating something out of nothing…… That’s what it’s all about for me.